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We currently have 11 orders on hold, Tier 1,3 & 4 should be unaffected.

Our Packages

Tier 1: Fast Money

New Method! Tier 1 is now available Banked!!! Much faster than Tier 2, Requires account access.


Tier 2: Slow Money

Still very safe!

These Packages do not require account access, but the money is not safe to bank, and are slower.


Tier 3: Unlocks and Levels

These packages include Level services and the unlocks of special/rare clothing etc. Require account access.


Tier 4: Accounts

These packages are pre-made accounts, all include a game license, so you do not need to own Grand Theft Auto yet.


Our Policies

Referral Program

Create an account, and refer people using your personalized referral link. Get 1$ for every successful referral!

Direct Contact

From the moment we start the service we will be in direct contact with you, guiding you through the process, and explaining exactly what we are doing.

Pay Later

As part of our 100% client satisfaction guarantee, selecting this option will allow you to pay during your service or after the service is completed. Make sure to leave either your skype or twitter name in the order notes, so you can be contacted to fulfill the order.

24Hr Guarantee

If the service is not completed within 24hrs of PayPal payment, a full refund will be issued.*