What platforms do you guys support?

At the moment we only support PC accounts, both steam and SC versions, but we may be able to expand to console in the future, as of right now, the cost of systems etc. would not be worth it.

If you do not own the game on PC yet, why not check out our Tier 4 packages? All packages come with a Game license already included!

The ... Update just came out, why aren't you guys available?

When a new update comes out, some things in the game change, and we need a few days to update our mods and test our methods for safety on the new version.

Going off of past experience, this will most likely only take a few days, but in some extreme cases it could take longer, keep checking our website for news 🙂

What do the order statuses mean?

There are a variety statuses your order can be on;

  • Pending Payment:
    1. You placed an order and prepaid, but your payment is still processing.
    2. You placed an order using Pay After, and we haven’t received payment yet.
  • On Hold:
    1. Your Order has been received correctly, but we are still busy with other orders – it will be picked up soon.
    2. Your order has been received correctly, but we have not received response on our attempts to contact you.
  • Processing:
    1. Your order has just been placed and it has yet to be assigned
    2. Your order has been picked up and we are in contact with you now, but it hasn’t been completed yet.
    3. You order is being worked on, (tier 3 / 4 can take multiple days).
  • Cancelled:
    1. You order has been cancelled, if you did not request this or if this happened by mistake, either place a new order, or contact us 🙂
  • Failed:
    1. Your order failed, this might be due to a problem with your selected payment method, please contact us 🙂
  • Refunded:
    1. Your order had been completed, but was refunded afterwards, we will always contact you first, DO NOT request a chargeback.

How does the Process work? (TIER 1&3)

  1. Place an order, and submit login info at checkout. (SSL secured transmission)
  2. Or send your info privately after a Modder is assigned (Slower)
  3. Payment is confirmed or Discussed (Pay After Option)
  4. Order is Confirmed
  5. A Modder will be assigned and will give you an ETA
  6. Payment is finished (Pay After Option)
  7. Enjoy! (And submit a review!)

How does the Process work? (TIER 2)

  1. Place an order
  2. Payment is Confirmed or Discussed (Pay After Option)
  3. Order is Confirmed
  4. A Modder will be assigned, and is given your contact information.
  5. The Modder invites you to a lobby, or you invite him/her.
  6. The services is completed
  7. Payment is finished (Pay After Option)
  8. Enjoy! (And Submit a review!)

What is your 'Pay After' Service?

As part of our 100% client satisfaction guarantee, selecting this option at checkout will allow you to pay after the service is completed.*

Make sure to leave some sort of contact info in the order notes, so you can be contacted about completing your order and payment.

Can I bank the money?

It is strongly recommended to never bank the money, if given as cash, and to simply spend it from your hand.

This is because rockstar can track large deposits, and will ban or remove your money.

Tier 1 does not have this problem as it is ‘dropped’ straight into your bank, so there are no deposits to log or track 🙂

Banking money is entirely at your own risk, and automatically disqualifies you for our ban warranties.

What is the difference between your methods and the ones I see all over the internet (like instagram)?

Our services are native PC services, which work on both Steam and Rockstar SocialClub versions of the game.

This means that they DO NOT require the use of character transfer, allowing you to keep all your current progress, and that they are available even if you already used character transfer.

Character transfer is no longer possible as of march 6th 2017 – which means most of the services still offering this are scams.

Why are your prices so good/bad/low/high?

We simply base our prices on the time it takes us.

We often have sales going on via our social media, so be sure to follow us there!

Why do you need my login for recovery/Tier 1?

This is because the faster/banked drops can only be done client-side, the same goes for rp, which can only be given when signed in to the receiving account.

Your account information will be handled with the utmost discrepancy and will be permenantly deleted from our servers once the service is completed

Do you use money bag drops?

Yes, we use a plethora of different methods to minimise Ban risk, the ‘New’ money bags are one of them and have been very thoroughly tested for risk, these are only used in Tier 2.

Tier 1, and the free cash given with Tier 3 orders are done using a different method, which doesn’t include money bags.

To avoid having your money removed, it is recommended to never bank the money.

What login info do you need for recovery/Tier 1?

This depends on the type of account you have:

  • Steam: We will need your steam username and password.
    • We may need you to disable steam guard, or send us the code when asked.
  • SocialClub / R* Warehouse: We will need your SC email and password.
    • We need your email used for login, a username will not work.

The reason this differs is because if the game license is bought through steam, the game ownership verification is done through steam. – We are not interested in your account and all info will be permanently deleted from our servers as soon as the service is completed. Join our Steam group to see some of our profiles, we most likely have better ones that you anyway 😉

How long will the transaction take?

Depending on availability it can take a few hours until your order is picked up – until then;

This depends on the tier of package you order:

  • Tier 1: Up to 1min/10mil, this excludes loading times.
  • Tier 2: Up to 10min/10mil.
    • Tier 2 speed is limited by your connection to the R* servers, and cannot be sped up on our side.
  • Tier 3: Up to 30min per 30Lvls.
    • Money is done at the same time – up to 30lvls are done per day, this is for your safety, if you order more the order is finished in multiple sessions.
  • Tier 4: Depends on stock. – 30min to set up and check
    • Up to 1 day per 30lvls, money takes no extra time, accounts are often in stock and will be sent faster.

You will get a more accurate ETA once a modder has been assigned to your order.

Are your prices in USD?

Yes, all our prices are in USD, however payments using EUR are also accepted.

We do not accept payment in GBP, CAD, AUD, etc. These payments will be refused and refunded, and we will request a new payment in either USD or EUR.

When are you guys available?

We are available most days from around 9am to 9-11pm CEST timezone.

We are almost always online on twitter, skype, and our Live chat, contact us, and we will get back to you ASAP.


After Pay

Payment will only be requested after proof is shown by the modder assigned to you.

Payment must be made within 24hrs of the service

24Hr Guarantee

If the service cannot be completed within 24Hrs, a full refund can be requested.

If you do not respond for 24Hrs after pre-payment a full refund will be issued.

This DOES NOT include delays due to new DLC, a large queue, or holidays, there will be a notification on the website if this is applicable.


As long as you follow our guidelines, the ban risk is extremely low.

There is always a risk to modding however, so there is always a possibility you get banned.

If you do, any compensations are up to the discretion of the modder that handled your order.

Ban warranty is not valid if you have been banned before, or if you sign in/change login while we are still in game.

In all cases, Ban warranty is void after 24hrs.


For every purchase made using your referral link you get a 1$ voucher code.

After you have successfully referred 5 people, you will be able to qualify for an advanced referral status.

You will then be able to qualify for up to 20% of all purchases made using your link.**


When pressing ‘Place Order’ you put in a request for a modder to gift you the requested package in-game.

No payment will be made to the ‘gomoneyservices.com’ entity in any form.

‘gomoneyservices.com’ is a strictly non-profit organisation, only enabling contact between users.


 *Pay After is only valid if you  order using our website, and submit valid contact info, contact will be made, and payment will be discussed before any progress is made on your order.

**20% after fees